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Mena Advertsing and Promotion Commission Reorganize

Commissioners of the Mena Advertising and Promotion Commission met August 7th to discuss opportunities to promote tourism in Mena and Polk County.

According the Mena City Clerk/Treasurer Linda Rexroad, the city collected $13,677 in restaurant taxes and another $5,393 in lodging taxes. Rexroad said the amounts were higher than May and some restaurants and lodging businesses have not submitted their taxes for June.

Park and Recreation Director, John Stubbs reported five teams competed in the co-ed softball league and a league trophy was presented to the championship team.

Stubbs said a new program is underway at Tapley Park. It’s called adult 6v6 soccer. Games are played on Monday and Thursday evenings. Stubbs said about 100 to 150 spectators are watching the games each night.

Registration for the fall soccer league begins August 15th. The registration fee is $35.

Stubbs explained volunteer coaches are required to have a background check and head coach must receive ACE certification before they can coach. Twenty-nine volunteers paid $10 for the background check and 65 paid $25 for the background check and ACE certification. Stubbs suggested the commission pay a portion of that amount for the volunteers next year.

Next year, volunteers will pay for their background checks, but the commission will pay $15 toward the ACE certification for any volunteer serving as a head coach.

Mena A&P and Mena/Polk County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Ashley Smith presented the commission with the recommendation from the A&P Marketing Committee to place a single sided sign at the corner of Highway 71 and 7th Street and a double sided sign at the corner of Mena and Sherwood streets.

Smith reported she had the permits from city hall and was working with KCS regarding the city’s right a way near the tracks.

Commissioners accepted the resignation of Rodney Rowland. Rowland served on the A&P Commission for seven years and was the current chairperson.

As the vice-chair, Terri Neugent was named the new chairperson and James Earl Turner was elected vice-chair.

Commissioners discussed several potential replacements for the vacant commission seat that had expressed interest in serving on the commission, but no decision was made during the meeting.

Commissions approved a recommendation from Park Director Stubbs for the renovation of the baseball and softball fields at Tapley Park.

Stubbs stated they needed to use a sod cutter to restore the infields to regulation size. He said he would cost about $720 to rent the cutter and about three weeks to complete the project on all five fields. Stubbs said once the sod is removed it will be relocated to other areas in the complex where sod is needed. He also stated they need to purchase 20 tons of Red Clay Dirt to level the infields.

At the request of an A&P commissioner, Stubbs presented a bid from Musco Lighting to replace all of the bulbs at Tapley Park with LED lights. The bid was in the amount of $310,000. The project was considered to expensive at this time and the issue was tabled.

Stubbs also reported Tapley Park would host a free movie night on Saturday, September 15th at 7 p.m. He said they would be showing the movie, “I Can Only Imagine.”

Commissioners also approved two recommendations by Executive Director, Smith to purchase a full-page ad in the Arkansas Travel Guide and a half page ad in the Arkansas Motorcycle Guide.

Commissioner Rick Chrisman was elected to replace Neugent as the commission’s Marketing Liaison.

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