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Mena Airport to be Awarded F.A.A. Grant

The Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport is one of 439 airports around the country to receive more than $1 billion in airport safety and infrastructure grants, according to an announcement this week by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration.

   The total includes $731 million in Airport Improvement Grants and an additional $455 million in Supplemental Discretionary Grants. The money will be available for 100 percent of the eligible costs under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

   Mena Intermountain Municipal is one of 19 airports in Arkansas to be approved for $7.4 million of  federal funding.

   The Mena airport is in line to receive an Entitlement Amount of $151,594 and a Discretionary Amount of $2.2 million for a total Airport Improvement Grant of $2,351,594.

    According to the F.A.A. news release, the grant will be used to rehabilitate the runway at Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport. The dollar amounts are announced as preliminary estimates, and are subject to change prior to awarding.

   F.A.A. Administrator Stephen Dickson says the grants will ensure that the necessary improvements made will allow the airports to operate in a safe and efficient manner for years to come.

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