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Mena Art Gallery’s Photography Show Winners


This is, like most of the preceding Photography Shows, an amazing display of photography talent and beauty. Here is a list of the winners:

Best of Show (Richard Shull Award) – Sharon Prislipsky – Spiral Toward the Light


1st Place – Landon Isclaw – Framed

2nd Place – Landon Isclaw – Reaching Out

3rd Place – Cody Smith – Majestic Swim

HM – Cody Smith – Leisurly Swim

Rising Star – Landon Isclaw – Framed


1st Place – Vic Prislipsky – Elliot Falls

2nd Place – Larry Millican – Rich Mountain Tower

3rd Place – Betty Acheson – Peaceful Moment in Time

HM – Brian Abbott – Foggy Sunrise


1st Place – Ann Glenn – Still Life with Feathers

2nd Place – Donna Osborne – Waiting for Inspiration

3rd Place – Larry Millican – Autumn Canoes

HM – Jolean Thomas – Foggy Milwood Trees


1st Place – Vic Prislipsky – Anole Portrait

2nd Place – Vic Prislipsky – The Gift

3rd Place – Sharon Prislipsky – Nesting Instinct

HM – Donna Osborne – Zig Zag Weaver


1st Place – Zieka Davison – Waiting on the Mail

2nd Place – Dylan Ashcraft – Summertime Play

3rd Place – Zieka Davison – Through the Looking Glass

HM – Ann Glenn – Mountain Music


1st Place – Larry Millican – Black-Eyed Susans

2nd Place – Donna Atkinson – Iris

3rd Place – Sharon Prislipsky – Splendor

HM – Patricia Trulock – Curls

Floral Award – Donna Atkinson – Iris

Best Arkansas Wildlife Award – Debbie Brister – Bobwhite

R.L. Norris Award – Donna Osborne – Zig Zag Weaver

The Richard Shull and R. L. Norris awards honor two photographers who did a great deal to further the gallery’s efforts to develop the annual Photography Competition and Exhibit. More information about both of these men is available at the gallery. The Floral Award is sponsored by Shelton Bohlman of Janssen Avenue Florist and the Best Arkansas Wildlife Award is sponsored by Tim Kiser of Tim’s Yamaha and Polaris.

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