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Mena Council Approves Budget for 2018


Mena City Council recently passed Ordinance 2282 approving their projected 2018 budget. The city’s general fund account has an expected $2,529,747 in revenue with allocated expenditures reaching just $40,000 shy of that figure at $2,489,596.

The city’s revenue comes from various sources with the largest being city sales tax, which is expected to bring $1.4 million to the city’s coffers. Franchise taxes are budgeted to bring around $305,000 and county sales tax is budgeted to include around $340,000.

General fund expenditures include the Mena Police Department who has a $1,097,061 budget; the Mena Fire Department with a $314,997 budget; administrative costs of $470,764; and several smaller departments including $8,281 for the Mena/Polk Senior Citizen’s Center, $59,764 for the Code Enforcement office, $96,468 for the Animal Control Department, $68,661 for District Court Operations, $18,093 for the Mena Depot, $18,472 for McMillan Park, and $259,467 for the city’s crown jewel, Janssen Park.

The Mena Street Fund is a separate account from the General Fund and expects just over $1 million dollars in revenue with all but $1,700 allocated. The Street Department’s revenue of $1,071,425 will mostly come from the special county sales tax fund with $428,000 expected.

During the December 2017 meeting of Mena’s City Council, Andy Brown, longtime member of the Council, commended Mayor George McKee and City Treasurer Linda Rexroad for the hardwork in creating the budget and said he feels the budget “is in good hands.”

Copies of Mena’s City Budget can be picked up at City Hall during normal hours of operation.

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