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Mena EAST Welcomes Guest Speaker, Michael Witt


Michael Witt, a member of the local DAV (Disabled Veterans) and American Legion, was a guest speaker to Mena EAST and Civics students at Mena High School.  Mr. Witt  joined the Air Force in 1966.  He shared with the students the history of Veteran’s Day and explained the difference in Veteran’s Day verses Memorial Day.   Mr. Witt shared his personal military experiences  from basic training to working as a medic in the states during Vietnam.  Mr. Witt also explained to the students the different services that the DAV and American Legion do for our community.  Mr. Witt  interacted genuinely with the students and answered several questions regarding his experiences and benefits of being in the military.  Thank you so much Mr. Witt for your service and taking time to speak to our students!

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  1. Mr Witt did a very good job. His speaking was just what the kids needed to hear. Being a Vet. …and going through what they did is a life learned lesson. Thank you ..Mr Witt

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