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Choir director, Ferroll Taylor, and Spotlight Singer members at work in the front entrance flowerbed.

Mena High School Choirs Complete Service Projects


Mena High School Choir completed two service projects during the 2015-2016 school year. The first project served the world community. The choir students elected to donate a water buffalo through Heifer International.  Heifer International is a “nonprofit working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values-based holistic community development.”  Animal donations increase a family’s access to medicine, education, food, and help provide a sustainable livelihood.  The Mena choir students had a contest to see which voice section could collect the most money towards the purchase of the water buffalo.  Caleigh Talamantez made canisters for each section and the singers donated their change and bills over several months.  The choirs met their monetary goal in late February.  The second sopranos donated the most money and were rewarded with a pizza party.

The second service project was for the school.  Members of the Bearcat Chorus and Spotlight Singers worked in the flowerbeds in the front of the Performing Arts Center and in front of the school entrance weeding and removing dead plants.


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