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Mena High School Choirs Earn Academic Honors


The Arkansas Choral Directors Association initiated an academic achievement awards program in 2016-17 to recognize academic achievement as well as achievements through choral performance assessment.  The ArkCDA recognized individual students and choral groups that participated in region performance assessment this spring.  The program features two levels of recognition based on a 4.0 grading scale:  Excellence in Academic Achievement (GPA of 3.00-3.24) and Distinguished Academic Achievement (GPA of 3.25-4.00).  First semester GPA was used to determine awards. Group awards were determined by calculating a cumulative GPA for the group.

The Spotlight Singers earned a cumulative GPA of 3.81 and received Distinguished group academic honors.  Each member of the Spotlight Singers earned Distinguished individual academic honors.

The Bearcat Chorus earned a cumulative GPA of 3.17 and received Excellence in Academic Achievement honors. Sixty-one percent of the Bearcat Chorus received academic achievement honors with 11 members of the group earning Excellence individual honors and 20 members of the Bearcat Chorus earning Distinguished individual honors.

Academic Excellence honors: Abigail Baker, LaDonna Barber, Ashtan Carr, Curtis Curry, Devin Durham, Elizabeth Bill, Alyssa Scott, Heather Wilcox, McKayla Lane,

Israel Thomasson, and Krystina Armstrong.

Distinguished Academic honors: Kendra Bodey, Lillian Bowen, Maria Castillo, Szilvia Fuleki, Hajin Kim, Anna Liu, Arus Melkonyan, Felix Nguyen, Nalu Pruitt, Suzie Rivera, Hannah Willis, Fisher Neufeld, Danielle Clegg, Mackenzie McAllister, Kaitlyn Richmond, Dylan Dodd, Seattle Laws, Gillian Moore, Raychel Woody, Sumer Brown, Brooklyn Beck, Cassidy Delaney, Hope Egger, Hannah McDonald, Abi McPherson, Sarah Rose, Ciarra Ryan, Tiffany White, and Kelsey Wiggins.

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