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Mena High School Named to ESPN Honor Roll for Special Olympics Program

Mena High School is named in the prestigious ESPN Honor Roll as a part of the cable channels Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools National Recognition Program. Mena High School is listed with 34 other schools around the country and on September 6th ESPN will whittle down the number to 5 schools that will be announced as Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools. These schools will receive a national banner presentation.

According to the ESPN website, “the purpose of Unified Champion Schools is to incorporate Special Olympics sports, leadership and related activities that empower the youth to be the agents of change in their communities. Thus, the focus shifts from the events to that of a whole school movement for inclusion. Special education and general education students — along with educators and administrators — are encouraged to work together to create supportive classrooms, school-wide activities and opportunities for growth and success for all”.

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