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July 30th, August 1st, and August 3rd, 10 young people from Polk County attended a special robotics program at the Mena Branch of the Polk County Library.

Participates were age 10 to 15. They learned about programming and had the opportunity to operate robots on Friday, August 3rd. The program instructor was Shannon Jesse.

Some of the robots were programmed to follow color commands on puzzle mats, while smart devices were used to control two other types of robots.

Head Librarian Mary Renick stated the Arkansas State Library provided the robots and the training for county libraries.

Renick said the Mena Library is planning to offer future robotic programs. She stated the Mena Library offered the Robotics program in addition to the summer reading program that was held in June.

Cutline: These nine young people attended the August 3rd class of the Mena Library Robotics Program. Pictured from left to right: front row: Laney Gilchrist, Matthias Jobe and Mariposa Jobe. Back row: Zackery Grafton, Angelina Moe, Chistianna Moe, Yeannah Thacker, Beck Vacca, Hudson Vacca and instructor Shannon Jesse.

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