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Mena Medical Associates is Officially Open


Mena Medical Associates, located adjacent to the hospital on 1103 College Drive, is officially open this week. Construction began just one year ago on the new 10,400 s.f. medical clinic that will feature twenty-seven exam rooms, eight physician offices, one central waiting room and one central laboratory.  MRHS Administrator Tim Bowen said there are multiple benefits of the new construction for the hospital, doctors and especially patients.

Bowen explained that the facility will use all electronic medical records and all of the scheduling will be centralized. Therefore, if you are unable to get in to see one physician within an acceptable time frame, the receptionist has immediate access to all of the physicians at the clinic and can offer you an earlier time slot with a different physician. All of the patient’s medical and billing information will already be in place.

The centralized lab will also allow patient’s to have their blood work done on the premises rather than having to drive over to the hospital’s lab.

Bowen said industry-wide many physicians are transitioning to becoming hospital employees rather than owning and operating their own practices and therefore, this new facility will serve as a tremendous tool for MRHS when recruiting new physicians to the area.

The land and building are actually owned by Longhorn Landholdings and they are constructing the building to the specs provided by the hospital. The hospital has a lease arrangement with the option to purchase at fair or market value on day 366.

Seeing patients at the new Mena Medical Associates are Dr. Thomas Sullivan, General Surgery; Dr. Steve Forrest, Family Medicine; Stephen Luker, Family Medicine; Dr. Richard Eccles, Internal Medicine / Pediatrics; Dr. Kent Schnetzler, Orthopedic Surgery; Dr. Sherilyn & Eric Webb, Family Medicine.


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