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Mena Medical Associates Names New Director


Judy Sisk was recently named Clinic Director of Mena Medical Associates.  She began her career in the Office of Admissions and for the past five years she has served as Director of the Mena Surgical Clinic.

She and her husband Gary have three children: Zack, Brandon, and Angela, and one grandson, Evan.

“As Clinic Director, the quality of patient care will be my number one priority.  I take great pride in my position and will strive to represent MRHS in a very positive way.  I feel very confident about the professionalism of the staff at MMA and intend for them to feel valued and appreciated for all that they do.  Everyone has gone above and beyond to make me feel very welcome,” says Judy Sisk

In addition to Family Medicine, MMA also provides obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology, urology, and a Hepatitis C Clinic.  The in-house laboratory allows patients to have lab work completed in the clinic rather than requiring a trip to the hospital lab department.

If you are searching for a primary care provider, call 479-394-1414.

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