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Mena Middle School Academic Awards

The 6th grade students listed below have been recognized for their outstanding performance in the following subjects:

Art (Webb)- Jerrin Parsons, Dusty Davis, Kristian Pellegrino, and Crissie Womack.

Tools For Learning (Ellison)- Aiden Beck, Dayton Lane, Trevin Plunkett, Luis Basillio, Beau Bledsoe, Lexi Minzel, Emily Ryan, Emmi Hines, Emma Johnson, Emily Leonard, Carmen Puckett.

Wellness (Tibbett)- Beau Bledsoe, Joey Slape, Cody Bollmeyer, Jaiden Felix,  Nathan Philpot,  Gabe Corcoran, Michael Davis, Jarrod Parsons,  Zane Williams, and Alex Rocha.

Resource (Woodral)-Trent Fussell, Summer Venable, Taylor Brumley, and Haylie Harmon. Resource (Shelley)- Nathan Raney and Jamie Holt. Beginning Band- Layla Spenser,  Bethany Sanders, Ranessa Ricker, Alexia Minzel, Layla Sessler, Aaron Ferguson, Addi Dollar, Suzanne Lawrence, Brenden Heath, and Olivia Butterfield. Resource (Sexton)- Haylie Harmon and Summer Venable.

Literacy (Jewell)- Carmen Puckett, Abby Smith, Alexia Minzel, Kate McDonald, Emmi Hines, Paige Parnell, Dusty Davis, Jayden Felix, Ranessa Ricker, and Layla Spenser.

Math (Ponder)-Emmi Hines, Beau Bledsoe, Paige Parnell, Ranessa Ricker, Alexia Minzel, Evelynn Farrier, Carmen Puckett, Alex Rocha, Madi Lyle, and Kate McDonald.

Music (Bradford)- Layla Sessler, Daniel McDonald,  Aaron Ferguson, Olivia Butterfield, Kendall Posey, Blade Hebert,  Aiden Beck, Hannah Medcalf, Addi Dollar, and Trey Day.

Science (Gann)- Emmi Hines, Ranessa Ricker, Layla Spenser, Paige Parnell, Madilyn Lyle, Gabrielle Pierce, Silas McIntyre, Kate McDonald, Carmen Puckett, Daniel McDonald.

Social Studies (Hall)- Carmen Puckett, Keira Hall, Ranessa Ricker, Alex Rocha, Paige Parnell, Emily May, Layla Spenser, Emmi Hines, Olivana Ortiz, and Damiana Johnson.

Be The Good Awards (Hall)- Emmi Hines, Emily Leonard, Paige Parnell, Katie Valdovinos, Addi Dollar, Keira Hall, Alex Rocha, Carmen Puckett, Silas McIntyre, and Nevin Furr.

Health (Thigpen)- Carmen Puckett, Paige Parnell,  Emmalee Andrews, Layla Sessler, Hannah Metcalf, and Olivia Butterfield.

The 7th students listed below have been recognized for their outstanding performance in the following subjects:

FCSI (Smith)- Annika Thompson, Breezy Hendrix, and Jaiden Milam.

Science (Swall)- Annika Thompson, Christina Gragg, Emily Liles, Carleigh Smart, Alexis Harper, Abbey McConnell, Whitney Dilbert, Avery Powell, Gage Gorden, and Vanessa Vue.

Keyboarding (Sikes)– Braxton Claborn , Abi McConnell, and Hunter French.

Intro to Computers(Sikes)- Vanessa Vue,  Emily Liles, Avery Powell, and Jaiden Milam. East I- Jayden Harris, Whitney Dilbert, Gavin Gorden, and Samuel Cross.

Resource (Shelley)- Tate Hunter, Abby Perez, Caitlyn Rode, Austin Kirkendol, Mason Cooper (AE), Jonathan Diffee, and James Smith. Resource (Sexton)– Matthew Grossman.

Math- Whitney Dilbert, Abby McConnell, Sarah Simmons, Allison Bates, Breezy Hendrix, Gage Mortimer, Grayson Fairless, Katie Benefield, Cathy Miller (Belle Karen Catherine Sherman-Miller), and Austin Rose.

Advanced Math- Annika Thompson, Christina Gregg, and Sarah Grenier.

Literacy– Annika Thompson, Emily Liles, Christina Gragg, Carleigh Smart, Katie Benefield, Vanessa Vue, Breeanna Hendrix, Rachel Wilson, Grayson Fairless, and Sarah Simmons.

The 8th grade students listed below have been recognized for their outstanding performance in the following subjects:

Keyboarding (Sikes)- Ivy Curtis and Sam Efird.

Intro to Computers (Lunsford)- Sam Efird.

Art (Webb)- Caleb Crow, Esmerelda Johnson, Laticia Vasquez, Zoie Goforth, and Archer Pearce.

Resource (Shelly)- Jessie Ezell, Sam Creason, Susan Cook, and Cameron McCauley. Resource (Woodral)- Natalie Grossman, Jesse Riley, and Damon Clark. Resource (Sexton)– Damon Clark and Natalie Grossman.

Health/PE (Bennett)- Madison Blair, Morgan Puckett, Blade Castor, Alexandra Hunter, Samuel Cude, Jesse Ezell, Marissa Ortiz, Cauy House, Maddison Gunn, and Micah Browning.

Keyboarding (Lunsford)- Maddison Gunn. East I Lunsford)- Allea Rogers.

East II (Lunsford)- Chase Lyles, Cooper Andrele, and Jaxom Hughes.

Yearbook (Lunsford)-Maddison Gunn, Ciara Lance, Gracie Lyle, Allie Martin, Thaddaeus Nance, Lauren Sikes, and Brianna Timms.

Junior Band (Bradford)- Shylee Head, Ivy Curtis, McKenzie Arceneaux, Summer Loar, and Tori Evans.

Science (Luttmer)- Lauren Sikes, Maddison Gunn, Brianna Timms, Ciara Lance, Esmerelda Johnson, Andrea Maechler, Madison Blair, Shylee Head, Emily Wagner, London Copelin, LuLu Quebedeaux, Summer Loar, and Vivi Hooper.

Literacy (Chaney)- Micah Smith, Emily Wagner, Vivi Hooper, Tabitha Levering, Morgan Puckett,  Summer Loar, Andrea Maechler, Ciara Lance, Lauren Sikes, and Brianna Timms.

History (Johnson)- Ciara Lance, Vivi Hooper, Brianna Timms, Gaven Hooper, Connor Latham, Blake Castor, Allie Martin, Madison Blair, Esmerlda Johnson, and London Copelin. Career Orientation (Goodnight)- Jaxon Hughes, Zoie Goforth, Zoe McPhearson, Maddison Gunn, Summer Loar, David McDonald, Jaci Allen, Shylee Head, Esmerelda Johnson, and London Copelin.

Agri (Goodnight)- Makori Gabourel,London Copelin, Andrew Davis, Cooper Andrele, Gaven Hooper, Kyleigh Johnson, Emily Handy,

Bryce Fairless, Jake Short, and Austin Shears.

Algebra (Gray)- Brianna Timms, Madison Blair, Andrew Davis, Logan Lawrence, Kyleigh Johnson, Ivy Curtis, Leilani Day, London Copelin, Vivi Hooper, Logan Fairless, and Bryce Fairless.

Algebra I (Gray)– Lauren Sikes, Ciara Lance, and Grace Lyle.

The following middle school students were recognized for their perfect attendance:

Annika Thompson, Jordan Roberts, and Kolbe Smith.

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