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Mena Planning Commission Meeting Leaves Questions

(MENA)  A proposed $14 million senior assisted living facility was the topic of discussion at Thursday’s Mena Planning Commission meeting in City Hall.

Representatives of Select Realty made a presentation to the committee on the possibility of vacating a portion of Eagle Gap Avenue from Morrow Street to North Morgan Street

That facility would be located behind the United States Post Office and the Veterans Administration office in the city and would provide better access to the Green House Cottage project.

LeAnn Holmes of Select Realty said that the developers would like to proceed as soon as possible, however, due to processes involved in order for the project to continue, may not see ground breaking until at least October of this year. .

The facility would have a “pod like setup”, in which six apartments with a shared common area for living room, dining room and kitchen needs would be constructed for senior citizens in four separate buildings.

Holmes emphasized the importance of the project that would give the city an increase in tax revenues, bring jobs to the area and provide safe and affordable housing for residents.

Holmes and members of the commission came up with an idea that would result in a compromise for both the developer and the city, and would not result in the vacating of the street.

Holmes will take that idea back to the developers for their input and will later present their formal proposal back to the commission, before it goes to the full City Council for approval.

However, the city would have to conduct a public hearing at some future date, before a final approval is given by council members.

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