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Mena Schools Presents Annual Report to the Public


The Mena School Board met on October 15 to present their Annual Report to the Public.  Superintendent, Benny Weston, opened the meeting and explained the purpose was to give the community a general overview of the district’s activities.

Each of the principals of the four Mena campuses, as well as, several different directors and coordinators, addressed the Mena School Board, as well as, local citizens present, with the details of their perspective schools and programs.  Among the most talked about was the advancement of technology within the district.  Classrooms beginning in Louise Durham and up through Mena High School are now equipped with iPads for student use.  New technology staff also allows for education on the proper use of technology for testing purposes, beginning in the second grade.

The new concurrent credit between Mena High School and Rich Mountain Community College was another exciting change to the Mena School District.  Shane Torix, principal of Mena High School, informed the school board that current MHS juniors who take full advantage of the program could earn as many as 28 college credit hours by the time they graduate high school next year.  This allows students a great start to their college careers.  Each school also has a high focus on parental involvement for the 2013-2014 school year and have implemented many new and exciting programs to accomplish this goal.

The school board then went on to hold their regularly scheduled meeting. Because of changes in the Moody Bond Rating, they adopted a continuing resolution, committing to pay all bond payments 15 days before they are due.  Failure to make those payments on their payment schedule can result in the bond rating for the such district being lowered and the possibility of being placed in fiscal distress.

The school board was also re-organized and new officers for the 2013-2014 school year are as follows: Will Robbins, President, Judith Robertson, Vice-President and Kyle Cannon, Secretary.