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Mena Water Utilities Reports Water Main Break

Mena Water Utilities had a water main break this morning just off of Bethesda Road and it is affecting residents on Karen Drive, Kimberly Drive, Hope Circle, Orchard Street, and Hastey Street.

Charles Pitman of Mena Water Utilities said, “Our crews are on site and working to make the necessary repairs.  The line broke so close to the creek that it is taking longer than normal to make the repairs.  We expect the water to be back on by noon.  Our crews will open hydrants and blow-off valves once the repairs are made to get grit and air out of the lines.”

Pitman advised that customers may want to open an outside faucet to do the same for their home, especially before doing light colored laundry.

Anyone experiencing persistent water quality problems may call the office at 479-394-2761 or, after 4:30 today at 479-394-2769. Pitman said, “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”


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