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Mena Water Utilities To Conduct Smoke Test In August

Members of the Mena Water Utilities board met Monday, July 23rd to discuss the business of the city’s water utility company.

General manager of the Mena Water Utilities, Charles Pitman, reported the department is averaging about 26 percent water loss a month over the past 12-months; however, the sewer department had no permit violations from the Arkansas Department of Health. He stated the maintenance department is working on several leaks around town.

Pitman reported the city would start smoking testing the sewer lines the week of August 6th. He stated it would take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete the project. Pitman said announcements would be made about the project because residents may see smoke coming from city sewer lines or their residential lines.

The city’s engineer, A.L. Franks Engineering of Texarkana is also working on a plan for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality concerning the construction of a new sewer plant. Pitman explained ADEQ has agreed to allow the city to leave the sludge in the city lagoons, if the city will attempt to build a new wastewater plant within 10-years.

Pitman stated ADEQ rejected the city’s plans to dechlorinate the city’s wastewater due to a clerical error. He stated the dechlorination project must be finished within three-years.

Board members approved the June billing adjustments, which were mainly sewer adjustments from residents watering their lawns, gardens and filling their pools.

Pitman announced the Mena Water Utilities would hold a reception on Wednesday, July 25th at 3:30 p.m. in honor or Mike Parks who has served the City of Mena for the past 30-years.

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