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Menus for County School: February 22-26, 2016

Mena Public School’s Breakfast

Monday 2/22 Pizza Bagel, fruit, juice, milk

Tuesday 2/23 Breakfast chicken biscuit, fruit, juice, milk

Wednesday 2/24 Sausage & biscuit, fruit, juice, milk

Thursday 2/25 Cereal, fruit, juice, milk

Friday 2/26 Waffles, fruit, juice, milk

Mena Public School’s Lunch

Monday 2/22 Main: Hot ham & cheese sandwich, ranch wedges, lettuce & tomato, fruit, milk; Choices: Chicken bacon ranch sandwich, ranch wedges, lettuce, tomato, fruit, milk; or Soup

Tuesday 2/23 Main: Beef & cheese nachos, salad, celery & cucumbers w/ ranch, fruit, cookie, milk; Choices: Hamburger, lettuce, tomato, pickles, celery & cucumbers w/ ranch, french fries, fruit, cookie, milk; or Chef Salad

Wednesday 2/24 Main: Chicken noodle soup w/ crackers, toasted cheese sandwich, Mango Splash Juice, carrots w/ ranch, fruit, milk; Choices: Steak sandwich, lettuce, tomato, chips, Mango Splash Juice, fruit, milk; or Baked Potato

Thursday 2/25 Main: Beef stroganoff, fried okra, corn on the cob, garlic bread, fruit, milk; Choices: Pizza, lettuce, tomato, corn on the cob, fruit, milk; or Chef Salad

Friday 2/26 Main: Burritos, salad, beans, fruit, milk; Choices: Taco salad, beans, fruit, milk; or Soup

Acorn School’s Breakfast

Monday 2/22 Pancake on a stick, fruit, juice, milk; Choice: Cereal

Tuesday 2/23 Chocolate mini donuts, fruit, juice, milk; Choice: Cereal

Wednesday 2/24 Cereal, fruit, juice, milk

Thursday 2/25 Biscuit, sausage, fruit, juice, milk; Choice: Cereal

Friday 2/26 Sausage roll, fruit, juice, milk; Choice: Cereal

Acorn School’s Lunch

Monday 2/22 Burrito w/ cheese, lettuce/tomato, corn, fruit, milk

Tuesday 2/23 Chicken fajita salad, Spanish rice, pinto beans, fruit, milk

Wednesday 2/24 Chicken nuggets, mac & Cheese, broccoli, corn, fruit, milk

Thursday 2/25 Taco soup, whole grain crackers, tossed salad, fruit, milk

Friday 2/26 Hamburgers, french fries, lettuce/tomato, fruit, milk

Cossatot River School’s Breakfast

Monday 2/22 Mini donuts, applesauce, orange juice, milk

Tuesday 2/23 Biscuit w/ gravy, banana, apple juice, milk

Wednesday 2/24 Poptart, orange wedges, cherry juice, milk

Thursday 2/25 Pancake on a stick, apple wedges, orange juice, milk

Friday 2/26 Super donut, raisels apple juice, milk

Cossatot River School’s Lunch

Monday 2/22 Pizza, tossed salad w/ dressing, pineapple marshmallow treat, milk

Tuesday 2/23 Chicken strips, quick baked potato, green beans, mandarin oranges, roll, milk

Wednesday 2/24 Beef taco, lettuce, tomato, cheese salsa, pinto beans, pears, sherbet, milk

Thursday 2/25 Chicken spaghetti, tossed salad w/ dressing, corn, fruit cocktail, roll, milk

Friday 2/26 Hot dog, potato wedges, ranch wedges, peaches, milk

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