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MHS Band Members Receive Awards, Recognition



Throughout the 2015-16 school year so far, the Mena High School Band has had many accomplishments, from marching band shows to competitions, and most recently they received the results of All-Region Jazz Band, All-Region Band, All-State Band, and Four-States Band.

The Mena High School Band had at least one member qualify for each of these competitions. The Four-States Band competition is in Texarkana, where they have a clinic and tryouts following area tryouts in January. Four-States Band involves students and teachers from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

The following MHS students were named to the Four-States Band: Beth Coogan, Charlotte Cude, Natalie Anderson, Karley Cline, and David Chaney.

During the All-Region Band competition is when approximately 1,000 students gather for auditions to determine who may be named All-Region. The MHS students named All-Region are Chris Thompson, Jarred Harley, Savannah Brown, Charlotte Cude, Daniel Green, Davis Chaney, Telissa Smith, Teresa Cude, Pete Floyd, Brynn Harvey, Karley Cline, April Rose, Joseph Blanton, Trey Brown, and Samantha Gordon.

All-Region Jazz Band is similar to All-Region Band, but to a smaller scale. Approximately six hundred band students go to try out, but only select instruments are qualified to try out. A few of the instruments that can try out are Saxophone, the Bass, and Clarinet, among a few others. The following MHS students made All-Region Jazz Band: Chris Thompson, Jarred Harley, Fisher Neufeld, Daniel Green, Teresa Cude, Pete Floyd, and Brynn Harvey.

While all these accomplishments are very honorable for high school band students, it is among a student’s highest goals to be named to All-State. Many students try out from around the state of Arkansas, and only a few make it. The Mena High School Band is proud to say that Brynn Harvey earned the status of All-State Band.

The hard work of the MHS Band can be observed at any practice, marching exhibition, or performance, and through this hard work and dedication, the MHS Band continues to see awards come their way, both band and individual based, year after year.

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