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MHS Receives Medal of Honor Award

Through Mrs. Gordon’s Civics class in late September, students studied Freedom Week and the history of the Congressional Medal of Honor, including the recipients and their living history. According to Mrs. Gordon, the focus of the Medal of Honor are characteristic traits of Courage, Commitment, Citizenship, Integrity, Sacrifice, and Patriotism.
With a class assignment, Civics students were asked to write a citation for someone at Mena High School that exhibits these characteristic traits, and give specific examples. Those having letters written about them included students, teachers, and other school staff. Mrs. Gordon then took these letters, and created an MHS Medal of Honor award, with each of the recipients being notified of their recommendation.
The students who were written about, who in the eyes of student, display the characteristic traits of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, and received the inaugural round of Mena High School Medals of Honor.
These students are David Ballard, Eli Cook, Jennifer Adams, Andrew Graves, Braden Purvis, Mark Thomas, Julianna Kennedy, Kiara Kesterson, Jacob Flowers, Nalu Pruitt, Jackie Minton, Hope Egger, Braxton Bahr, Suzi Rivera, Jaden Rose, Justina Smith, Bailey Turner, Lily Muns, and Sumer Brown.
These students received a certificate for their recommendation on being deserving of a MHS Medal of Honor.
Teachers nominated were Randy Peters, Melissa Puckett, Steve Breedlove, Tim Harper, Shane Sexton, Shane Torix, Bernice Philpot, Stephanie Ladd, Ryan Luttmer, Thomas Powell, Ladatha Hobson, Tricia Jackson, Charles Morgan, Rhonda Thigpen, Andy Philpot, Theresa Warner, Andrea Hughes, Custodial Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Sarah Billings.

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