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Michael Povey: A Right Honorable Gentleman

Once in a while you meet someone who stands out from the rest. Someone who, though they may not be a part of your every day life they make your life better just by knowing them.

Michael Povey has done that for me, and if you have met him he has likely done the same for you. He usually arrives at the KENA studios just before the noon hour swap shop program on Wednesday’s and has a seat with me and we have a conversation about a few things. Our health, local news and life in general. I look forward to these talks because I always learn something new.

Let me tell you a little bit about our favorite Brit. As you can tell from his accent Michael isn’t from these parts. Our Wednesday Swap Shop mainstay is from London, England. He Joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) at the age of 17, serving 12 years as a Radar Technician. After leaving the RAF Michael worked as a Senior Research Engineer on missile programs. Next he looked to the stars and the space industry was his next step as a Program Procurement Manger in the UK and Germany.

Always looking for a way to better his career and support his family, Michael moved into the sales and marketing of electronic components for use in military and space applications world-wide.

Before moving to our side of the pond Michael lived in Germany for 10 years. In his work and leisure he has travelled to most regions of the world except for Russia and South America.

In 2007 Michael married his lovely wife, Stephanie, and later the same year they moved to Mena. The influence of his wife with her care for animals rubbed off on him. Both have volunteered for 11 years, and have served as Presidents for the Humane Society of the Ouachita’s. For 3 years Michael also volunteered as a vet tech for a Mena veterinarian.

Deciding that humans could use help as well as dogs and cats, he began volunteering for CASA, as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, helping kids in foster care.

Along with all of this he sets aside time for weekly visits to nursing homes, with his support dogs, to bring smiles to the residents therein.

With his busy volunteering schedule it is amazing that Michael has room for hobbies but he finds time for reading, fostering puppies, exercising and trips to Fort Smith to go bowling. He supports the football (soccer) club Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League. He has 5 dogs and lives with his best friend, his wife.

As Michael says, he “loves where he lives and who he lives with.” It’s in such words as these which show you the grace and giving he has within himself. Michael Povey is a true gentleman. The world could use a few more like him.


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