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Miller Veterinarian Services – Caring for Your Small Pets


Miller Veterinarian Services, with Veterinarian Teresa Miller, is located at 2616 Highway 88 East of Mena in what use to be Dr. Pitchford’s Animal Clinic.

Teresa graduated from Cove High School in 1984. “I originally received a degree in Business Managment,” said Dr. Miller. “I worked for Tyson Foods in the accounting department for several years. Then, I decided to go to vet school, and here I am.”  Miller graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater Oklahoma in 2002. She practiced at Broken Bow Animal Clinic until this opportunity became available.

Miller explained the difficulties of competition in being accepted into a veterinarian medicine program. “I think there were around 700 applicants,” said Dr. Miller. “They accepted 70-something when I applied.”  Miller explained that an applicant almost has to have a 4.0 grade point average to get in.

“The clinic is going very well,” said Teresa. “Everybody has been super nice, we’ve met a lot of people. A lot of them were long time Dr. Pitchford clients and they’ve all just been really fantastic. We’ve enjoyed them and they’ve welcomed us.”

“We are a small animal clinic,” said Dr. Miller. “We see cats and dogs, no exotic animals.”

The Miller Veterinarian Services office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  The office phone number is 479-394-1607.

Teresa is married to Rusty Miller. Rusty drives a log truck. “My family helps me at the clinic; my sister and my niece, and I have a girl from Watson, Oklahoma that helps me, Jenna Pearl.” Teresa’s sister runs the gas station in Vandervoort.

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