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MMS Bearcats Enjoy Impressive Undefeated Season!


Mena Middle School’s 7th grade Bearcat Football team had an outstanding season, completing the year with a 6-0-1 record. Taking out Trinity Christian, Russellville, DeQueen, twice, and an at-the-time undefeated Fountain Lake. The team had no losses, and their only tie came when they faced the Nashville Scrappers.

“No one has ever come close to Nashville and they [Nashville coaches] said this is the best group and they were absolutely stunned that Mena got so close. For us to go in there and tie them is a big deal,” said Clint Montgomery, who has coached the boys throughout their Little League careers.

Much talent is recognized on the team and coaches and fans alike have high hopes for the group in the coming years. Head Coach Craig Bentley said, “This group of young men have sold out to what it takes to being a part of a successful football program. Their work ethic and attitude are unparalleled. The majority of the group came to every practice in June, all of Fastcats in July, and made every pre-season practice before school, that is the difference…. the dedication and time put in by not only the kids, but their parents as well. They have a very bright future if they stick together and keep focused on the goal.”

“As their little league coach, I was always telling them how good they are, and just how good they are going to be when they got a real coach and now, they come back and tell me how good Bentley is,” said Montgomery. He added, “The main thing is that they are having fun and they are good at it. It’s absolutely amazing seeing those guys win and these coaches are awesome.”

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