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Monet and Degas at Mena Art Gallery


The next program in the series of lectures on Impressionist Artists at Mena Art Gallery will be on Saturday, February 15, at 1:00 pm and will be about Monet and Degas. These programs are presented in conjunction with the Polk County Library who is supplying the DVDs.

Each lecture will be presented in the gallery classroom, is 30 minutes long, and is followed by a 30 minute discussion period. There is no charge and no reservations are necessary.

The professor presenting the lectures is William Kloss, an independent art historian and lecturer for the Smithsonian Institution’s seminar and travel program and for universities and institutions such as the University of Virginia, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Sotheby’s Institute. Professor Kloss displays and discusses five of Degas’ paintings and seven by Monet. To see all of these

first hand, you would have to travel to Paris, New York, London, Massachusetts, and Washington DC. Two of them are in private collections and not generally available to the public.

The first program in conjunction with the Polk County Library (on Manet and Monet) was fascinating and well attended with a very lively discussion after the lecture.

The programs are normally held on the 3rd Saturday of the month, but in March it will be the 4th Saturday (March 22) because of the timing for the reception of the annual Children’s Show, so please mark your calendar.

The last two of this series will be:

Renoir, Pissaro, and Cezanne

Beyond Impressionism—from Seurat to Matisse

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