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Motorcyclist Killed During CMA Parade


CMA is mourning the loss of one of their own after tragedy struck this weekend on the last day of their 38th Annual Changing of the Colors Rally.  A Missouri man was killed when his motorcycle crashed during the annual CMA Parade on Saturday, October 19.

Charles P. Warrick, age 65, of El Dorado Springs, Missouri was attending the annual rally and riding his 2013 Honda with several hundred fellow motorcyclists on Hwy 71 when the accident occurred near Potter just south of Mena.

According to the Preliminary Fatal Crash Summary filed by Trooper Christopher Garner, “Warrick lost control of his motorcycle and veered to the left crossing the southbound lane of Hwy 71. Warrick flipped his motorcycle over onto its side causing him to skid on the roadway and off of his motorcycle.”

Warrick’s death was announced to the thousands in attendance at the closing ceremonies at CMA Iron Mountain Headquarters Saturday evening. There was much speculation by those who knew him that he had suffered a massive heart attack, causing the crash.

All of those attending the rally from his chapter were all gathered and special prayer was held.

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