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MRHS Now Offering Latest Technology in Digital Imaging with a new Diagnostic Ultrasound System!

Mena Regional Health System is Keeping their Eye on the Future!  An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to make an image of a person’s internal body structures. Doctors commonly use ultrasounds to study a developing fetus, a person’s abdominal and pelvic organs, muscles or tendons, or their heart and blood vessels.  With the latest in digital technology, the new equipment, recently installed in the Mena Regional Health System Radiology Department, provides physicians with clean, clear images to aid in diagnosing an injury or medical condition. This will result in a substantial, positive impact for the patient, also allowing for convenience close to home!

“I am thrilled that we are able to offer this technology to our patients.  The new Diagnostic Ultrasound System has already proven to provide extensive information with remarkable clarity.  In my 26 years of experience, I’ve witnessed a tremendous amount of progress in technology. I am confident in the latest advancements and honored to offer this in-depth imaging for our patients and their providers.  At MRHS, we continue striving to meet the needs of our patients through advancements in health care.”- Jose’ Hernandez, Cardiovascular Sonographer

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