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Mumps Outbreak Results In Cossatot River Cancelling School This Week

(COVE) The Cossatot River School District has decided to close all of the district schools and facilities, due to a Mumps outbreak, for the remainder of this week.

The school dismissed students at 2pm  on Tuesday. With the closure, students, staff and other personnel will be out of school for the remainder of the week and with Spring Break being the week of March 18 – 22, it will give the district the opportunity of cleaning each of the district buildings thoroughly and effectively.

Additionally, all district sporting events, band, choir and etc. are also cancelled to prevent the potential spreading of the outbreak.

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  1. As far as I can recall, I never had the mumps. If I get it now, at 69, I’m going to be very unkind to anyone spreading anti-vax propaganda.

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