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National Forest Managers Conducting Prescribed Burns


Several prescribed burns in the area are causing significant smoke. A prescribed fire is one that is ignited by highly trained fire personnel under specified fuel and weather conditions to achieve specific resource objectives.  Currently, the forest ground is covered with significant debris from ice storms this winter and could potentially be a wildfire hazard.

Officials from the USFS explained that national forest fire managers are currently conducting prescribed burns in areas across the Ouachita and Ozark-St. Francis National Forests today.   

Ouachita National Forest:

Mena/Oden                                                                  County:          Scott       Vicinity:  Ritz                                                               Acres:            73

Jessieville/Winona/Fourche                                        County:          Yell    Vicinity:  Rover                                                            Acres:            695

Oklahoma                                                                    County:          McCurtain   Vicinity:  Buffalo                                                         Acres:            4156

Poteau/Cold Springs                                                   County:          Scott   Vicinity:  Waldron                                                        Acres:            4864

Ozark-St. Francis National Forests:

Pleasant Hill                                                                 County:          Johnson    Vicinity:  Hagarville                                                     Acres:            3993

Big Piney                                                                      County:          Van Buren       Vicinity:  Jerusalem                                                      Acres:            950

Sylamore                                                                      County:          Baxter    Vicinity:  Lone Rock                                                    Acres:            879

Boston Mountain                                                        County:          Franklin and Crawford    Vicinity:  Bidville                                                         Acres:            2406

Air quality will be compromised during these burns so if you suffer from COPD, please take appropriate precautions.

Daily prescribed fire updates can also be found at: or by calling 


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