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New Bicycle Law Concerning Stop Signs and Red Lights Went into Effect July 1st

(MENA) Starting July 1, 2019, Arkansas bicyclists will be allowed to treat stop signs and red lights differently than before. Governor Asa Hutchinson signed Act 650 into law back in April.   

Advocates saw the law will allow cyclists to maintain momentum. This is meant to both help keep them safe and keep traffic flowing. In addition, the law could also encourage people to take their bicycles on Arkansas’ back roads.

When a bicyclist approaches a stop sign, he or she must slow down. They must also yield to pedestrians and other traffic. If it’s clear and safe to cross without stopping, the bicyclist may do so legally.

A bicyclist who comes to a steady red traffic light must stop at the light. They must yield to pedestrians and other traffic but may proceed through the light or turn left without waiting for it to turn green.

Bicyclists can go ahead and turn right at the red light without stopping as long as they slow down to a reasonable speed and yield to traffic.

People driving motor vehicles must still stop at stop signs and wait at red lights. People riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles must behave as those driving cars.

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