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The newly formed Home Skills Preservation Extension Homemakers Club recently hosted a "pie crust" workshop just in time for the holidays! A few Team Pulse members "pied" up and had a wonderful time with approximately 20 other participants. Each recipe yielded approx. 20 pie crusts! L-R Ilana Burk, Melanie Wade, and LeAnn Dilbeck

Nothing Brings Family Together Like Food!


The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel days of the year, as families come together to give thanks and enjoy time together. Traditions that vary from one family to another are continually passed down from one generation to the next, from watching the parade, to playing a competitive game of football, to enjoying a good tryptophan-induced “turkey nap.” But it’s very safe to say no Thanksgiving celebration is complete without the feast… to symbolize the first Thanksgiving celebrated so long ago as part of our American culture. And, nothing can bring a family together more than a home-cooked feast!

Food and Thanksgiving certainly go hand in hand, from the traditional turkey to delectable pies and in southern culture, that usually always includes pumpkin and pecan pies! In my house, the busiest and most popular place is always the kitchen. My mother always said that it was the “heart of the home” and how right she was! Sitting down to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving feast isn’t always the pinnacle, the preparation can bring as much joy and quality time together, too!  Sharing stories of how ‘Momma’ or ‘Grandma’ used to do it can be priceless! Besides, the young generation needs to know that pie crust doesn’t always come from a box. Plus, passing on the perfect yeast roll or dressing recipe to the next generation of up and coming young cooks can be as much of a right of passage as other milestones. And, even if you’re not a cook, no kitchen entourage is complete without a couple of “taste testers,”  dishwashers, and story tellers!

And, while you’re enjoying some of the favorite traditional dishes, always incorporate a few new ones. No one will go home empty handed by sharing all of the left over’s and you can score a few new recipes, too!

So, this Thanksgiving, if you’re not already, let the preparation of the feast be as much about family time together as the actual dining! Much can be learned from the experienced and loving hands that prepare each and every morsel.

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