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OLT Gets a New Look on the Inside

remodel-3Ouachita Little Theatre has undergone extensive renovations over the past few months and is ready to showcase what’s been done. The lobby has been freshly painted and the bathrooms have been moved, made larger, and created more ‘visiting’ space within the lobby.

remodel-1Brad Storey and Scotty Jenkins have donated hundreds of hours of labor over the past several months, and their work has been praised by members of the theatre. OLT Board Member Judy Thompson began working on grant funding in February, in conjunction with State Representative Nate Bell. Bell helped the theatre secure a $15,000 grant from Western Arkansas Planning and Development that was fundamental to the project.

remodel-2“Those attending “The Foreigner” had the chance to use our newly remodeled facilities.  Comments overheard in the lobby included, compliments on their colors, accessibility, cleanliness, and modern look. This project was made possible through a lucky convocation of events. After the effort on the part of Judy Thompson and State Representative Nate Bell, an ad hoc building committee and the OLT board developed and approved a plan for the remodel. The day after the approval Scotty Jenkins, who volunteered to head up the construction work, got started. With over 650 hours of volunteer labor, and generous donations of cash and labor from Fagan Plumbing, Mena Steel Buildings, Subway Sandwich, A-Dair Glass, Charley and Claudia Brown, Wayne and Linda Johnson, Joe and LaDonna Wolf, and Larry and Judy Kropp, the job was completed in time for our fall show. A big thanks to all who made it possible. We still have to finish the work in Suite B and with your continued support and donations it too will be done before you know it,” said OLT Board President, Rudi Timmerman.

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