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OLT Names Cast for Spring Musical, Oliver!


There was an air of excitement in the theatrical community last week as actors and actresses gathered to audition for parts in the musical play, Oliver. You could hear the excitement in their voices as they commented, “I hope I get the part of Fagan.” Who do you think will be Oliver?” or “I’ve wanted to play Nancy since I was a little girl.”

Rudi Timmerman and Judy Kropp have teamed up again to bring this much-loved musical to Mena. Joining them this year, as Assistant Director, is Ladonna Van Wolf.

When you see this play, April 15-17 and April 22-24, you will agree the directors made the right choice in their selection of this cast.

After hours of deliberation, the directors came up with the following cast:



Jessica Young – Mrs. Bedwin

Tracey Prather – Mrs.Sowerberry

Bill Hays – Mr. Sowerberry

Amanda Baker – Widow Corney

Will Hos – Mr. Brumble

Alexa Night – Nancy

Annalyse Baker – Charolette

Abi McPherson – Bet

Tad Eccles – Knife grinder

Ian Cameron – Charles Bates

Ian Zeider – Dr. Grimwig

Brynn Harvey Artful -Dodger

Jake Sawyer – Noah

April Bur – Oliver

Tyler Lane – Charman

Larry Kropp – Mr. Brown Low

Joe Van Wolf – Bill Stykes

Scotty Jenkins – Fagan

Kristie Kanyon – Workhouse Assistant

Shirley Nunes-Thornton – Workhouse Assistant

McKayla Lane – Long Song Seller

Gini Burt – Milkmaid

Amber Arnold – Rose Seller

Katie-Beth Thomas – Strawberry Seller


Fagan’s Gang

Nick Sorel

Samuel Bloodworth

Joseph Manuel

Ben Frost

Steven Priddy

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