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OLT Presents: A Costumers’ Workshop


On Saturday, March 8, Ouachita Little Theatre presented the first in a series of Costumers’ workshops. There were about ten JOLT (Junior Ouachita Little Theatre) members attending the course.

Some of the activities included looking through various sets of photos to identify characters through there costumes. For example, attendees were shown several pictures of maids from different eras. The costumes worn in each photo provided not only how time appropriate clothing applies, but also, how you can identify with a character through their choice of attire.

Another set of photos showed soldiers from the Revolutionary War era to a homeless man in a camoflauge jacket. Both pictures give examples of soldiers, however, personality traits, history of the person, and mindset, give reminders of how important a costume can be when trying to draw an audience to fully understand a character.

Participants also took part in a color wheel exercise. Colors can relate the way a costumer chooses a costume. For example, white is often used for purity, red for passionate, and so on.

Another fun activity was having the participants put on various props and have a partner close their eyes and feel for what the other was wearing, a funny hat, a pair of glasses, etc. This relates how important one small item can make the character more memorable.

Students also drew ‘fantasy costumes’ for the upcoming musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Some of the ideas may be incorporated into the official costumes of the play. These drawings can be seen in the lobby of the theatre.

For information on upcoming workshops or any other information about OLT, please visit or call 479-243-0186. Even if the stage is not for you, there is always something else you can do to add to the success of OLT.

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