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OLT Presents the New Memories Saver Service

Ouachita Little Theatre is always looking for new ways to enhance the entertainment and leisure past-time activities of the local community.  The newest venture is taking form as the “Memories Saver Service.”

The Memories Saver Service gives patrons the opportunity to convert their personal VHS tapes, old home movies, audio cassettes and more, to a new DVD format.  There will also be copies of all previously recorded OLT plays and musicals to purchase, including vintage performances from many years past.  People who wish to make personal copies will be able to take advantage of this individualized service, performed onsite at the Theatre Business Office, 610 Mena St.

The greatest advantage for the consumer is that materials will never leave the premises of the OLT office. Theatre officials promise they will be treated with great individual care and respect, especially old or delicate media.

The OLT Board members desire to keep prices very reasonable; in most cases it will not cost more than $20 to convert up to a 2-hour videotape to DVD.   Costs will decrease as numbers of copies increase.  No copyrighted materials may be copied, but anything of a personal nature will be allowed.

To place your order, drop by the OLT office between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on weekdays after September 18th.   More details are available on the Ouachita Little Theatre Facebook page or at  All proceeds from this venture will go directly into the funds for the nonprofit organization of the Ouachita Little Theatre.

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