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OLT Rummage Sale Fundraiser


The Ouachita Little Theatre will have its Third Annual Rummage Sale this Saturday from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM in the parking lot of Bear State Bank across from the depot. Marilyn Brown and Judy Thompson are co-chairing the event. The rummage sale is an important fund-raiser for the theatre.

Thompson notes that although theatre memberships are the primary fund-raiser, funds are routinely needed to pay ordinary operating expenses such as the monthly mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance, etc. Theatre productions during the year, of course, also assist with expenses. However, sometimes after royalties, costumes, and set costs are paid, there is very little (if any) left over. An occasional grant may be received, but these can not be used for operating expenses. They are geared for designated projects such as the current restroom remodeling effort.

Both Thompson and Brown extend appreciation to all those who help support OLT in any way and encourage everyone to go by the Rummage Sale Saturday

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