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OLT to Hold Crucial Meeting of the Membership


The Ouachita Little Theatre has called a meeting for their entire membership to help the Board make some crucial decisions regarding the theatre. President of the OLT Board, Rudi Timmerman explained that there are several large projects that need to be tended to and he and the board are open to any suggestions the membership may have.

The outside walls of the theatre, particularly the west wall, are in desperate need of repair. To scrape and patch the spawned areas with masonry and paint the wall with a seal coat would cost $7,300. In order to recoat the entire wall, the cost would be upwards of $15,000.

The roof of the theatre is also in need of being recoated or replaced. To recoat the roof with products similar to the current roof, the cost would be around $7,500. To cover the entire roof with Duro-Last membrane roofing, with a 20-year guarantee, the cost would be approximately $30,000. The advantage of replacing the roof is that it would also solve problems with leaks in the front of the building.

Timmerman said that although it will cost a great sum of money for either project, “not doing the work will allow conditions to deteriorate and eventually make the building uninhabitable.” The board is researching grant options to help fund the projects. However, as Timmerman stated, “Applying for a grant is one thing, but there is no assurance of receiving a grant.”

The membership meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15, at Ouachita Little Theatre. To learn more about OLT and its happenings, visit


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