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“Operation Pilled-Up” Yields Multiple Arrests

BY LEANN DILBECK – prescription-drugs

Sources with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department said 49 warrants were executed early Tuesday morning following a 4-month multi-agency undercover operation and, as of Tuesday afternoon, 27 had been arrested with more arrests imminent.

The 18th West Judicial Drug Task Force, Department of Community Corrections, and the Mena Police Department all assisted the Polk County Sheriff’s Department in what is dubbed as “Operation Pilled-Up.” The operation was designed and implemented to target Methamphetamine and marijuana dealers, and those illegally selling prescription medications.

Officers serving the warrants also confiscated cash, firearms, and narcotics and several will be facing additional charges based on what was found today. All are expected to appear in Polk County District Court to be arraigned Thursday morning.

The inmates were being transported to other jail facilities in Sevier and Scott Counties due to the Polk County Detention Center being full. No other details were available at this but the complete story, including the identity of those arrested and their charges, will be available at as soon as they are released.



  1. I bet these ppl get more time than the woman who set a how on fire with 3 ppl in it! Something is wrong when someone ends up with probation more than likely bc she had no prior record so let’s slap her on the wrist yet soneone who had to prior record and gets caught with drugs once gets yrs lol that’s funny!

  2. Good and worthy efforts under the leadership of Polk County Sheriff.

  3. Thanks to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and everyone involved for all the hard work and effort put into putting a stop to these criminals who are destroying young peoples lives and families!

  4. this town is full of dealers and such but u are correct they will probably get mote time then murders and rapists. but I blaim the town it’s self there is no jobs here and nothing for kids and teens to do only thing to do n this town is church or drugs so unless it a christian (witch I am ) then it pretty much screwed around here selling drugs is their only source of income I’m not justifying what anyone has done just giving another opinion on it I know some of these people personality and I know a few who who do not do drugs but do mess w them alil to get by in this town

  5. I haven’t said anything tell I was old enough to understand how things work but when u live in a town were they are taking everything away to do and walmart is the new mall things like this happen its not ganna change has long as humans do good or bad might as well think about it every year the police do this its their yearly round up and mainly for funds they round up a bunch of people that are being to loud about their business and get popped or they are users and don’t care u will see it in every town u live in more in the towns were people have nothing better to do this is not a big news deal only in a town so small no one has anything better to do than to report every little thing soooo that being said the jail is to small to holdem all and that kinda thing is never ganna change if u get a few 8 or 9 will pop back up its only big news cause ur stuck in a small town and don’t act shocked that its happening here its everywere .

  6. Sheriff Mike Godfrey and Chief Investigator Scott Sawyer and all of the many other law enforcement officers involved who made Operation Pilling a success, THANK YOU!!!!

  7. “…nothing for kids and teens…”

    It’s called PARENTING! LOOK INTO IT! Find something POSITIVE to involve your children in so they don’t let “…nothing…” cause them to do bad. Why rely on your community to do YOUR job? YOU had them, YOU RAISE THEM AND SEE THAT THEY GROW INTO RESPONSIBLE AND LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS!

  8. Janalyn Philpot - Aulds

    We HAVE to start somewhere…and this was an excellent START! Personally, I am VERY GRATEFUL for our law ENFORCEMENT officers, state/county/city! What’s the proverbial “horse and cart;” a safe town encourages industry OR industry encourages a safe town. Let’s put the horse BEFORE the cart and a natural flow WILL OCCUR.

    Yes Faith Lynch: “Sheriff Mike Godfrey and Chief Investigator Scott Sawyer and all of the many other law enforcement officers involved who made Operation Pilling a success, THANK YOU!!!!” I agree…

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