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ORSD Says Thank You to Workers and Donors


Superintendent Jerry Strasner thanks a large group of people for their dedication.
Superintendent Jerry Strasner thanks a large group of people for their dedication.

The Acorn Campus of the Ouachita River School District held a thank you luncheon on Friday, August 12, for the many people that have helped the campus develop and grow in the last year. The event was held in the recently completed safe shelter that will double as a band and choir room.

That project alone was almost one million dollars and that’s just the tip of what was done on the campus. Acorn school is now home to new softball and baseball diamonds and has relocated their playground in anticipation of another upcoming project. The school also renovated a gymnasium and re-routed their cross country course.

Superintendent Jerry Strasner pointed out that none of the projects would have been possible without the help of his staff, the community, volunteers, and the workers who labored to put it all together. “The purpose of today is to say thank you and your effort was worth it,” said Strasner to the large group. “It was a labor of love.”

One of the best things at the end of the day, besides the enjoyment that will be shared on the fields and playground, is that all of the projects were completed debt free. “Anytime you have people willing to sacrifice their money, on top of that effort, a lot of cool things happen. When you get sacrifice and a little bit of money, I’ll tell you what you can do. You can build a baseball and softball diamond, you can build an elementary playground, you get to renovate a gym, and build a million dollar safe shelter, and be debt free from all of it. That’s what you get from sacrifice and that’s pretty cool,” smiled Strasner.


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