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ORSD Students Take 5 Trips in 5 Weeks

(ACORN) Five field trips in five weeks? You bet!

Ouachita River School District students have been busy learning about the outdoors in both the after school program and during science lab classes.  To extend learning experiences, students in grades K-3 at Acorn Elementary and 4-6 at Oden Elementary took trips to Dardanelle State Park travelling on a Little Rock Tours Charter Bus.

On April 30, Kindergarten students learned about bird adaptations and birds that migrate using Dardanelle Lake as a stop-over habitat.  They saw pelicans and sea gulls, as well as a great blue heron on the lake after learning about a special bird, owls, and creating a model of the owls.  They also learned about mammals in the park when they played a games called “Squirrels Gone Nuts” and “Oh, Deer!”

First grade students travelled on April 23 to learn about Birding Basics, Bird Beaks, and to create an Insect Orchestra.  These young scientists explored how and why insects make different sounds.

Eagles reside year-round at Dardanelle State Park.  On April 16 second graders used measurement tools to compare themselves to eagles.  They also learned about riparian zone characteristics and birds living on the lake.

Letterboxing is an introductory lesson teaching skills used for geocaching.  Third graders on April 9 learned how to use compasses to discover a “cache,” and how to identify food webs in the park.  They also learned about bird calls and characteristics of various birds.

Grades 4-6 from Oden Elementary completed a scavenger hunt along the banks of Dardanelle Lake.  It included seed pods, reptiles, trees, water features, and more.  This group of young scientists got into the lake to collect macro-invertebrates from the water to determine water quality.

  All the students enjoyed the large aquariums, bee hive, and hands-on exhibits in the visitor center, along with picnic lunches and a great playground.  Funding for the charter buses was provided by grants from the Arkansas Humanities Council written by science lab teacher Kathy Rusert in cooperation with classroom teachers.

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