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Ouachita Little Theater Holds Board Election and May Meeting

Ouachita Little Theatre board of directors met May 21 to discuss scheduling of shows, the annual financial report, and other miscellaneous details pertaining to theater business.

While OLT is not losing sight of the wonderful success they have had starting with “Annie” last year and running a full schedule of shows through “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” they are struggling with scheduling the 2020-21 season. With COVID19 concerns, rehearsals for the next musical “BIG” have had to be postponed for the time being.  The set is mostly constructed, cast and crew chosen, but obstacles remain and at this writing there is no definite word on when rehearsals will start back.  According to Director Jessica Kropp and President Timmerman, OLT is determined that “BIG” will be the next production on the OLT stage.  Whether it occurs late in the summer or fall depends on the severity of the pandemic in Arkansas and resulting safety guidelines.

The shows from season 2019-20 have left the theater fiscally sound for now.  However, there is concern for the future, as there is virtually no income from OLT’s biggest source of income in ticket sales.  The other two income sources are through memberships and donations.  With maintenance of a historical 100-year-old building and royalties/fees paid for shows not yet produced, the financial cushion will not last long.

As an appeal to the public, if you are able, OLT encourages you to consider renewing your membership, possibly even a higher level than usual.  You can also make a donation.  Consider purchasing DVD’s made from your VHS, cassette tapes, or even 8 mm film from our Memory Savers service.   Just send an email to to arrange a time to meet someone at the office on Main Street which is temporarily closed.

To keep our acting and musical skills sharp, OLT invites you to become part of a one-two minute video that will instruct or entertain others about a skill relating to theater.  Be watching the Facebook and Instagram pages for examples soon, and if you wish to submit a video yourself, just send an email attachment to

Ouachita Little Theatre had to suspend the annual membership meeting in May due to pandemic related safety concerns for the public.  For the first time, elections for officers and new board members were held by mail-in ballot among the members.  There was a very positive response to this voting procedure.

The election results for officers and board members were tallied May 21 and reported online immediately.  That information follows:

Rudi Timmerman – President; John Byers – Vice President; Judy Kropp – Secretary; Bill Hayes – Treasurer.  Newly elected board members serving a two-year term are Lamar Austin, Jackie Biard, Robby Burt, Gayle Krahn, and Jessica Kropp.  The remaining board members serving the second year of their term are Amanda Baker, Jane Buttermilk, Makayla Kenyon-Ortiz, and Julie Ulmer.

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