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Ouachita Little Theatre Guild Created to Help Support the OLT


A new organization has formed in Mena with the primary goal of financially helping the Ouachita Little Theatre. Members of the community formed the guild, after realizing what a need there was for improvements to the theatre and desiring to do something to help meet those needs. The building at 610 Mena Street, which currently houses the OLT, was originally built as a movie house in 1923 and could greatly benefit from repairs and updates. Current financial support for the OLT comes from sponsors, patrons, and members.

The Ouachita Little Theatre Guild is chaired by Karen Mosier and co-chaired by Dorothy Stevenson. Other Guild members include: Sandy Brooks, Tracy Hensley, Sue Maddox, Donna Montgomery, and Donna Yuronka. Mosier said the groups mission is to support the local theatre community with monetary donations. They are collaborating with OLT president, Tim Hesse, to look at where the group can be of greatest assistance to the theatre. The most recent fundraiser held by the group, a wine & cheese night, was very successful in spite of winter weather.  Their next big fundraiser will be a gala, which will be held in the late spring or early summer.

The OLT Guild meets bi-weekly and anyone who would like more information about the Guild can call Karen at 479-234-2337.


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