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Ouachita Writers’ Guild


After a three month holiday during the summer this year, the Ouachita Writers’ Guild, which meets at the Mena Art Gallery, is back in action and going strong. There are several new members and they, as well as the ones who have been with us for several years are meeting twice a month to improve the quality of their writing and have a great time doing it.

Sometimes the group works on the technical aspects of writing: the last September meeting concentrated on similes and metaphors; the first in October will look in detail at what makes for a good story. Always we spend time going over in detail the work each writer has done during the past few days. Everyone looks at the piece together and some make suggestions that might improve it. The final decision is always with the author.

At the last meeting, we decided to tackle another anthology of short stories and poetry. This will be the fourth book the group has published, and we hope to have it out in 2014. If you’d like to see what sort of work is being done, stop by the gallery (607 Mena Street—open 10 to 3 Wednesday through Saturday and 11 to 2 on Tuesday) and have a look at the copies remaining of the 2009 and 2010 anthologies.

And if you’d like to come join in the fun, call 479-234-3104 and ask for more information. We’d be glad to have you join us. There is room for all sort of writing: fiction and non-fiction, short stories or portions of novels, and poetry of all types.