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Paper-Mâché Clay with Cherri Stanberry


On Tuesday, August 18, at 5:30 pm, Mena Art Gallery will host its monthly Art Awareness program. This time it features Cherri Stanberry and is on how to create paper-mâché clay—and why you might be interested.

Cherri says she became interested because she was unhappy with the paper-mâché she created because it was so fragile, so she did a lot of research and found a recipe for making paper-mâché clay. “As long as you put on thin coats and allow each to dry, your sculpture is almost indestructible.” You can either use the paper-mâché clay in place of regular paper-mâché or you can use it over the standard type to make a smoother, stronger piece of art.

Cherri will show you samples of what your finished produce can look like as well as how it is done, and will have a copy of the recipe for making this version.

There is no admission charge for this demo at the gallery.

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