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Paxton’s Place -Bringing Memories to Life


Scrap booking is a popular tool used to preserve memories for future generations.  Truly an art form, the skill and detail used in many of these books are nothing short of incredible.  With many tools, machines and materials available, each and every page can be unique to the event, or person it celebrates.

Paxton’s Place is a wonderful asset for Polk County residents interested in not only purchasing tools and supplies needed for scrapbooking, but also in sharpening the scrapbooking skills. Opened on April 10, 2010 by the mother/daughter team Diana Beckman and Trudy Whitman, the store has recently moved from their home near the fairgrounds to their new address: 700 Mena Street, on the corner across from Mena Water Utilities.

the-storePaxton’s Place was not only named, but truly inspired by little Paxton, child of Diana and Marvin Beckman, whose birthday is also April 10, a very special day.  In 2000, the couple with Paxton, who was one year old, moved to Mena from Mesa, Arizona.  “We wanted to get away from the big city to raise Paxton and my husband, Marvin, wanted to start a new business, Kopavi, selling trikes.  We thought this would be a good place,” explained Beckman.  Three years later, in 2003, then four year old Paxton was diagnosed with leukemia, the next five years were dedicated solely to her and her precious life.  Beckman’s mother and father, Vic and Trudy Whitman, moved to Mena to assist with Paxton, Trudy served as one of her favorite playmates and cooks and now serves as a great asset to Beckman and Paxton’s Place.

“We took up scrapbooking when we learned Paxton was on the way and because Paxton had to live a somewhat isolated life we spent a lot of time scrapbooking.  She loved it and people could not believe what she created had been made by a four to five year old,” said Beckman.

“Scrapbooking is our Bible,” Beckman said.  “It is a detailed history of the family that can be passed on to the next generation to help them understand their history,” added Whitman.  “You lose so much of family history in boxes.  What we wouldn’t give to have our grandparent’s stories recorded.  It also helps give a detail of medical histories to future family members.”

Paxton’s Place is a wonderful source for purchasing machines such as Cricuts, Spellbiners, and Embossers.  They also have a very impressive display of paper, stickers, stamp and Copic pens but they are not just a source for purchasing the supplies needed to scrapbook, there are also tables set up and ready for friends and patrons to bring their own scrapbook in to be worked on.  They also offer fun and exciting classes from Scrapbooking 101 to elaborate scrapbooks, as well as classes on the best ways to use the die-cut machines and embossers, card making and how to make explosion boxes.  Paxton’s Place will also create custom scrapbooks and gorgeous handmade cards for birthdays and special events to Christmas cards and wedding invitations.  The possibilities are endless.  For more information call 479.216.4401 or stop by the store.

“The people in Polk County are wonderful.  They are friendly and kind and when you come from a big city you can really see the difference.  You can talk to someone you don’t know and they won’t look at you crazy.  It is a nice, quiet and relaxing life,” said Whitman.  “The city of Mena really backed us during our time with Paxton.  We were still very new here and they really supported us,” Beckman said.  “Anyone is welcome to come in to Paxton’s Place and browse or bring their stuff in and they can have a table.  We love kids and they are always welcome.  There’s always ice tea and coffee ready.

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