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PCEM Offers Weather Spotters Class

Polk County Emergency Management will host a National Weather Service Weather Spotters Class that is free and open to the public. Patrons of the class will learn the basics of how thunderstorms work and what to look for in a thunderstorm that is producing, or is about to produce, severe weather.

Specific topics include spotting tornadoes, what defines a thunderstorm as severe, and how to report severe weather in real-time to the National Weather Service.

The spotter training class is designed for people new to severe storm spotting, as well as those who need refresher training. The training includes all of the information that spotters need to be effective and stay safe.

Although the class is most beneficial to those old enough to understand basic weather terminology, people ages 12 and older, or those able to stay focused on the presentation for two hours, will benefit the most.

The class will be held February 25th at 6 p.m. in the RMCC Lecture Hall. Call the Polk County Emergency Management Office at 479-394-8141 for more information.


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