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Police Department Creates Safe Meeting Zone; Upgrades Security


As online purchases from personal individuals increases, so does the risk of meeting unsavory characters. To combat the growing issue, a safe meeting zone is being created at the Mena Police Department. Police Chief Brandon Martin said for those who shop and buy items online from places such as Facebook or Craig’s List and are unfamiliar with the person from which they are purchasing the items, it creates a safe place to meet.

It can also be used for parents who exchange their children for visitation plans.

The safe meeting zone is being created in an area just across from the police department on DeQueen Street. The area will be marked with signs so that others won’t park in the section. The safe meeting zone will be monitored constantly as the department has also upgraded their security system. Eight cameras now monitor the exterior of the police station and are watched by officers sitting inside. Martin said the developments are another step in creating a safer environment for the citizens of Mena.

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