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Polk County 4-H Benefit Exceeds $10,000

At over 250 members strong, and a core group of volunteers, always willing to help, it’s really no wonder why the benefit, which took place on March 3rd was such a success.  When asked why they decided to take this avenue for raising money Carla Vaught said, “In the past we have sold poinsettias and mums, but recently involvement and sales have been somewhat stagnant.”  The team as a whole knew that a change was needed, and a change is exactly what they got.

Polk County 4-H relies on grants, donations and fund raising to support the trips and activities that they offer for their members.  From events such as the Indian Taco/Auction Benefit, to an upcoming Donkey basketball game.  These students and volunteers have worked very hard to attain a goal that is nothing short of spectacular.

This year the Polk County 4-H is lucky enough to have had six of its members elected to represent Polk County and Arkansas as a whole in Washington.  In July Rebecca Cole and Bridgette Magness, of the Ouachita River School District.  Along with Trayton Johnson, Shana Johnson, Makaya Floyd and Alyssa Wilson from Cossatot River School District, will travel to Washington D.C. and learn all about our amazing capitol, visit it’s sites, and learn how our government and agriculturally rich community work hand in hand to make the United States of America the great country that it is.  These students have worked hard along with support of the others members of Polk County 4-H, and its volunteer, adult leadership, have raised all but $1,000 of the money needed to be able to take the trip.  Carla Vaught was adamant about how this is a “life changing event,” for these youngsters, and about how great it is that they even were chosen.  Of the thousands of 4-H members state wide only nineteen were chosen, and six of those 9 were from our county.  Members must apply, have a proven, positive record, and be an active member of 4-H to even be considered to go on the trip.

So how much was raised at the Indian Taco/Auction Benefit? $10,041.41, That is an amazing feat, and even more amazing when you realize it was all put together by volunteers and members of the Polk County 4-H that donated their time and efforts for free.  As previously stated the group is only one-thousand dollars short of their goal.  If you would like to donate or help then give them a call at (479) 394-6018, and see how you could help make a difference today.

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