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Polk County Deputies Assist Scott County Following Shooting of Officer


Polk County Law Enforcement assisted the Scott County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday evening, December 5, 2017, following an officer-involved shooting.

Scott County Sheriff’s deputies were responding to a disturbance call when one officer made contact with the suspect, near the suspect’s residence. The suspect allegedly left his vehicle and shot at the officer, striking him in the elbow. The suspect then ran inside his camper trailer and would not surrender.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Department was asked to provide assistance, along with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Waldron Police, to which Polk County responded with the Sheriff and five other deputies. Sheriff Scott Sawyer said his team set up a perimeter around the camper trailer at 5:45 p.m. Sawyer said it was rather cold after seven hours in the plummeting temperatures, however Polk County deputies were relieved by the Arkansas State Police SWAT team at 12:45 a.m.

The ASP SWAT team implemented the use of an armored vehicle with a ram-type device on the front and struck the camper trailer and “gassed” the suspect out of the residence. He was then apprehended by law enforcement.

The officer in the case is said to be “ok” and the gunshot wound on his elbow is non-life threatening. No other details about the suspect have been released at this time.

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