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Polk County Extension set to offer new Master Gardener classes

Do you love gardening? Are you service oriented? The Polk County Extension Education Center will have a “Meet and Greet” at the Extension Education Center on February 21stbeginning at 6:00PM. They will discuss what being a master gardener is and when the new Master Gardener class will begin. A new class is looking to begin in March.

So just what is a Master Gardener?  Many people seem to think Master Gardeners are terrific gardeners, the folks who know everything about growing anything.  That description is fairly accurate for some Master Gardeners while others are just people who like gardening and like spending time with other gardeners.  Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who donate time to their community in garden related activities.  Master Gardeners receive hours of training from the local Cooperative Extension Service and then use what they have learned to beautify their community and promote horticulture.

It has been said that having something interesting to do and having friends to do it with is one of the secrets to happiness. If you like gardening, becoming a Master Gardener is a great way to meet new friends who share your interest.  When you become a Master Gardener, you are joining a group that shares your interest in growing things and in learning more about doing it better.  As you work alongside your fellow Master Gardeners on local projects, you share ideas and sometimes even seeds and cuttings.

Come join other gardeners on February 21st for some snacks and discussion at the Extension Education Center located at the Polk County Extension office at 211 De Queen St. Mena, AR 71953.