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Polk County Master Gardeners present “Terrific Tuesdays”


Tuesday, July 16th, a group of Polk County Master Gardeners joined forces to present a horticultural program to a group of 4-H youngsters as one of their summer programs called “Terrific Tuesdays.” The primary focus of the morning was to teach the principles of potting and to help each member to plant one or more projects suitable for entry in the County Fair in August. There was a wide variety of containers and plants selected for the projects, and the children were guided through the steps of planting their projects.

Planting done, the morning included plenty of other activities. Each child painted a rock to create a Lady Bug ornament for the garden. They also made their own “Dirt Cakes”, complete with gummy worms, and enjoyed the delicious concoction during a break. Following that, it was story time. Mrs. Frances Smith read the group two stories—that just happened to be about Lady Bugs.

The morning concluded as Ms. Madean Pearce explained the organization of the Horticulture Section of the County Fair and showed off the ribbons to be awarded— 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each of 24 Classes in the Potted Plant Category. The entries will be divided into two Divisions: Youth, (12 and Under) and Junior, (13 thru 18), with prizes for each.

In addition to the ribbons awarded by the County Fair, Polk County Master Gardeners award cash prizes of $20.00 each for Best in Show, and for 1st Overall Flower Arrangement, 1st Overall Single Flower, and 1st Overall Potted Plants. With 2 Divisions, and multiple Classes in each category, there are lots of opportunities for the youngsters to go home with a ribbon or a cash prize!

Pearce reminded them that cut flower entries (Flower Arrangements and Single Flower categories) should be entered between 7:30 and 10:00 a.m. on Wed. 28th of August. Their potted plants, which they have done this morning, must be brought to the Fairgrounds between Noon and 6:00 p.m. on the day before, Tues. 27th Aug.

The group is hopeful that the morning’s activities will result in lots of healthy, attractive entries into the Junior and Youth Divisions of the Polk Co. Fair, Aug. 28 thru 31.