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Posey Hollow Horsecamp – Big Sky Country in the Ouachita Mountains


Rickie and Lora Hosman are living out a dream in the form of Posey Hollow Horsecamp. Rickie was brought up on a dairy farm in Greenbrier, Arkansas and has had a love of country living his entire life. Ready to escape city living and get back to nature, the Hosmans decided to make a move. Polk County was the perfect fit for them, especially for Lora who is a Polk County native. Although Rickie spends his days hauling hay and Lora works at Rich Mountain Community College, their passion lies with horses and farm life.

Posey-Hollow-1The couple purchased over 200 acres, 100 for the farm / camp and 117 where the horses are kept, and Posey Hollow Horsecamp was born. The horsecamp, located near Irons Fork Lake, is a place where horse riders can bring their horses and not only ride the trails but also camp in tents, RVs, or under the stars with amenities that include electricity, water, stables for the horses, and sometimes a dozen farm fresh eggs. In addition to Posey Hollow, the couple still maintains Rickie’s father’s farm in Greenbrier, traveling from one farm to the next hauling hay and maintaining the properties.

When asked why they began the horsecamp Rickie stated, “We wanted to give people places to come and ride. I don’t like seeing people having to ride on the highways. We work hard on the trails. Lora helps out around here just as much as I do. In her spare time she rides with people, she flags trails and trims trails,” said Rickie. “Out here, we join 150,000 acres of the Ouachita National Forest. They can get out and ride all day and not even see a car or a four-wheeler.”

Generally, folks bring their own supplies and just camp-out and ride. There is a pond where people can fish or you can just sit on the porch and watch the deer, turkey, and sometimes bears, wonder through pastures with a big sky view of the Ouachita Mountains. Regular camping rates are $15 per night to cover water and electricity and $5 per stall for your horses. However, twice a year folks get the Posey Hollow royal treatment. “We have a spring ride and a fall ride and we cook BBQ for them. A lot of people will bring something with them to add to the meal. We have a band playing those days.” They also offer full moon rides during the summer when it gets too hot to ride in the daytime.

The Hosmans have three old fashioned wagons they use for various purposes, on and off the farm. “We have one big team that we hook to wagons and go to rodeos and things. We set up and pick up the barrels from the arenas. Our oldest wagon is close to 80 years old,” said Rickie. Campers also get the chance to ride in the wagons while visiting Posey Hollow.

Their next fall ride is set for September 27. The Richie Owens Band will be on hand for entertainment at the BBQ held at Irons Fork Lake. “It’s all free camping that weekend from Friday thru Sunday,” stated Rickie. If you’re unable to camp, you can still enjoy the trails and other weekend activities. He added, “We didn’t build it to make a living off of, we just wanted to give people a chance to have things to do. It’s a very peaceful place. There’s not any nightlights or neighbors. People can come out here and close the gate and nobody bothers you,” said Rickie.

If you would like more information on camping or attending a ride at Posey Hollow, contact the Hosman’s by calling 479-216-7552.


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